Buildings are New York City's largest opportunity to fight climate change

New York's iconic skyline is dominated by commercial high-rise office buildings. One of the engines of its economy and the home to many of the world's leading corporate headquarters, these buildings are a foundational part of New York City's identity. These same skyscrapers also have a fundamental role in achieving the City and State's climate action goals.

Commercial and multifamily buildings represent one of New York City's greatest opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Responsible for nearly 70% of New York City's greenhouse gas emissions, buildings represent the City's biggest climate challenge, but there is a solution. Strategic energy efficiency improvements to buildings can dramatically reduce city-wide emissions and transform the city for a more resilient, and greener future.

As the urgency of the global climate crisis mounts the state of New York has put in place some of the most ambitious climate goals to reduce the carbon footprint of its buildings and infrastructure. ​

​During Climate Week in New York, The Swedish Energy Agency, together with urbs, are bringing a delegation of Swedish innovation companies to New York City. With the aim that their solutions are an important piece in the puzzle of solving New York’s ambitious and transformative decarbonisation.

– We have developed a concept to support private and public stakeholders in New York State and New York City to achieve their targets for the decarbonisation and electrification of the real estate sector, and in turn accelerate the entry of Swedish companies into the New York market, Verena Adamheit from The Swedish Energy Agency.

The Swedish Energy Agency is Sweden’s largest public funder and facilitator of Swedish sustaintech companies. By supporting businesses with funding and knowledge throughout their entire growth journey, from research to commercialisation and internationalisation, the mission is to promote and spread Swedish energy innovations. All a part of the efforts to meet Sweden’s energy and climate goals and to help combat global climate change.