Great potential for hydrogen in the Nordic region

How can the Nordic countries collaborate within the hydrogen field? The Swedish Energy Agency now presents a study exploring the possibilities of a Nordic hydrogen ecosystem.

The study shows that the Nordic region has a unique opportunity to position itself as an innovative, low carbon collaborative business partner on the global hydrogen arena. The conditions that enable the Nordic region to play a key role in the hydrogen value chain are:

  • Fossil free power systems
  • Low carbon hydrogen offer
  • Access to biogenic carbon
  • Leading energy, industrial and mobility ecosystem
  • Sustainability leaders and innovation pioneers
  • Favorable business climate, stable society, collaborative culture

– We chose to look at the hydrogen value chain from a Nordic perspective, to find our synergies and explore how Sweden can be part of the international hydrogen value chain. The Nordic countries are strong in different areas, if we can work together, we can create a stronger international offer, said Said Abdu, business developer at The Swedish Energy Agency.

Strategic choices to take a leader position

The report is based on in-depth interviews with some 35 representatives from leading industry players within all parts of the value chain in Sweden, Finland and Norway. It is also based on market and desktop research for developments on global, European and Nordic markets.

The study indicates that the Nordics have the potential to take a leading global position. To do so strategic choices needs to be considered in the areas of building a complementary low carbon hydrogen offer, make the Nordics a global testbed and actively focus on export and investment promotion.

More information about the study

The Nordic Hydrogen Industry study was initiated by The Swedish Energy Agency and the trade promotion organisations in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The aim of the study is to explore the possibilities of the hydrogen ecosystem in the Nordics and serve as a springboard for discussions on future business ventures.

The Swedish Energy Agency’s work on hydrogen

The Swedish Government has given the Swedish Energy Agency a comprehensive assignment to coordinate the work on hydrogen in Sweden. The aim is to together with stakeholders find possibilities to remove barriers for the development and implementation of hydrogen projects, as well as to analyse how the hydrogen value chain can be developed in synergy with the electricity system and the energy system as a whole.