The international climate efforts of 2022 are now being summarised

In 2022, we signed two Memoranda of Understanding with Nepal and the Dominican Republic for cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. We have also ended our engagement under the Kyoto Protocol.

The Swedish Energy Agency is responsible for Sweden's programme for International Climate Cooperation, financing climate-smart solutions in other countries to accelerate the global green transition and contribute to Sweden's national climate goals. 

The investments are primarily directed towards emission-reducing activities within renewable energy, energy efficiency, and waste management. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the investments also contribute to sustainable development technology exchange and know-how in the host countries. Each year the results of the programme are summarised in an annual report. 

Final year for activities under the Kyoto Protocol

2022 was the final year of the Swedish Energy Agency's engagement under the Kyoto Protocol. Therefore, these activities take up more space than usual in this year’s annual report. The report looks back at 20 years of international climate cooperation under the Kyoto Protocol and summarises the most important lessons learned. For example, having procedures in place for systematic follow-up of sustainable development impacts and supporting countries with capacity-building so that they can participate in international emission trading.

– The lessons learned from our engagement under the Kyoto Protocol will be important in our work ahead. We now shift focus towards developing and financing emission-reducing activities in line with the new rules for emission trading established under the Paris Agreement, said Sandra Lindström, Head of International Climate Cooperation at the Swedish Energy Agency.

New partnerships under the Paris Agreement

On behalf of Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency signed two Memoranda of Understanding for cooperation under the Paris Agreement’s Article 6 with Nepal and the Dominican Republic. The Swedish Energy Agency already has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Ghana. The Swedish Energy Agency also participated in the UN climate negotiations at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh and negotiated issues related to international emissions trading and technology development and transfer. At COP27, the Swedish Energy Agency also joined the new initiative Article 6 Implementation Partnership, which aims to coordinate already existing international capacity support to countries interested in cooperating through Article 6.

Read more about our work during 2022 in the summary (in English) of the annual report (the full report is available in Swedish).