The Swedish Energy Agency leads business delegation to India

Between 17 - 25 April, nine Swedish companies participating in the Swedish Energy Agency's India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator (ISIA) initiative will travel to India. The focus of the delegation is to strengthen export and investment opportunities between Sweden and India regarding green technology.


The delegation is part of the Swedish Energy Agency's initiative on the Indian market which has helped Swedish companies to expand their business in India for more than 10 years. One of the companies making its first journey with the programme is Inpipe:

– The world's sewage system faces an urgent challenge to be renewed. Inpipe's trenchless technology and products are currently used in large parts of the Western world and now we are seeing rapid growth in markets such as India, China and Africa. Without the support of the Swedish Energy Agency, we probably would not have dared to take this first step to invest in the Indian market. Therefore, the ISIA programme is of great interest to us, says Rolf Näslund, Head of Sales & Marketing at Inpipe Sweden AB.

During the weeklong journey, the Swedish companies will have the chance to showcase their green technology to Indian company representatives, investors, and local officials. Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai are some of the places to be visited.

The activities cover business meetings, study visits and matchmaking aimed at providing participating companies opportunities not only to explore a new potential export market but also to deepen the dialogue with India on India-specific challenges and opportunities within the energy field.

In connection to the visit to India by Swedish Minister for Infrastructure and Housing Mr Andreas Carlson, the delegation will also participate in meetings in Delhi. The companies will get the chance to actively participate in a workshop led by the minister on building materials, construction, and roadwork.

One of the companies which will be making its last journey with the programme is Renetech:

–The ISIA program has been a great experience for Renetech. We were introduced to a vast market in a very effective way. We will from hereon aim to build our footprint with local stakeholders and customers over the coming months and years, says Tom Walsh, CEO at Renetech.

Get to know all the companies participating in the delegation trip: Renetech, ISAB, Stockholm Water Technology, Aqua-Q, Enerpoly, Smart Sensor Devices, Aqua Robur, Inpipe Sweden, and 3eFlow.

The companies (

India-Sweden Accelerator Programme (ISIA)

The goal of the accelerator programme is to promote cooperation between India and Sweden in new energy and renewable energy technologies. The programme is targeted towards Swedish small and medium-sized companies with energy-related solutions. It is a collaboration between the Swedish Energy Agency, Business Sweden and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Over the course of 18 months, participating companies make three trips to India with the aim of exploring the market, meeting relevant business partners and investors, as well as obtaining export coaching from the Swedish Energy Agency, Business Sweden and CII.