Research on sustainable batteries for strengthened Swedish competitiveness

The Swedish Energy Agency is investing 160 million over six years in a new research program focusing on a sustainable Swedish value chain for batteries. The program will contribute to Sweden strengthening its competitiveness and growth in the battery area.

Batteries are an important piece of the puzzle for the electrification of the transport sector and a robust electricity system. The need for research and development is increasing in several areas linked to batteries, both in Europe and globally. This conclusion is shared by many actors in Sweden, the EU and in other parts of the world.

“Development in the battery area is moving quickly internationally and Sweden has good opportunities to maintain and strengthen its competitiveness and increase its growth in the area. By investing long-term in battery-related research and innovation, we enable the development of attractive research environments that can attract talent and competence, and it is of great importance if we are to continue to be at the forefront, says Peter Engdahl, head of the research, innovation and business development department at the Swedish Energy Agency.”

Batteries are one of several strategic areas that Sweden needs to strengthen, especially in terms of research and innovation. Battery technologies are needed in products and solutions society increasingly relies on. The Swedish Energy Agency also highlights this in its submission to the Government bill on research and innovation.

Strategic prioritization in energy research and innovation

One of Sweden's main investments in battery-related research and development

The Swedish Energy Agency's new research program “Sustainable Battery Value Chain” (Hållbar Batterivärdekedja) focuses on areas where some of the biggest challenges exist and where more research and innovation is needed. This involves, among other things, the development of both new and existing battery technologies as well as resource-efficient manufacturing processes. The program constitutes one of Sweden's main investments in battery-related research and development.

“The Swedish Energy Agency and many actors with us see a large need for long-term research in the battery area. The need for sustainable solutions in the battery area is increasing in society, in order to meet this, an increased grant for program-related research is needed. This program is flexibly designed so that we can quickly step-up our efforts in line with the research needs in the area, says Linda Svanhed, head of the unit for sustainable transport at the Swedish Energy Agency.”

About the program and announcements

The Sustainable Battery Value Chain program is a six-year investment. The program runs from the first of June 2024 to the end of December 2029 and has an initial budget of SEK 160 million for the entire period. The majority of the funds are distributed through open, recurring calls for research projects.

The first call is now open