Results of the first five years in PFE

Companies participating in PFE must, after five years in the programme, submit a report on their participation to the Swedish Energy Agency.

When a company has participated in PFE for five years, it must submit its final report to the Swedish Energy Agency to demonstrate the energy efficiency results and how the programme requirements have been met.

During the autumn 2009, 100 companies presented their final reports on their improvements in the energy efficiency field. The companies had thoroughly gone through their use of electricity, fuels and heat and found and carried out measures for energy efficiency. The reported results and figures were above all expectations.

The companies have during the five year programme increased their energy efficiency with 1,45 TWh - and this on electricity alone! Furthermore the participants have:

invested 708 MSEK (appr. Euro 70 Million) in more than 1200 electricity efficiency measures,carried out more than 350 other measures in order to increase their energy performance, e.g. converted energy use from fossils to renewables, increased production of electricity (appr. 1 TWh) and increased delivery of surplus heat to external parties,implemented and certified standardized energy management systems.