Updating account information

The Swedish Energy Agency has an obligation to at least once every three years review whether the information submitted for opening of an account remains complete, up-to-date, accurate and true under Article 25 of Commission regulation (EU) No 389/2013.

According to Article 23 of Commission regulation (EU) No 389/2013, each account shall have at least two authorised account representatives. This review gives the account holder the opportunity to update, add or remove account representatives.

Purpose of the update

The review is designed to protect and update the information contained in the Union Registry.  


In November, all account representatives and account holders included in the review will receive and e-mail from the Swedish Energy Agency. The updated documentation will have to be provided to the Swedish Energy Agency within the time frame specified in the e-mail.

Account holder and account representative

An account holder is the company/organisation who is the owner of an account in the registry. On each account, the account holder shall nominate at least 2 authorised representatives who then represent the account holder in the registry.

The representatives are those who have actual access to the account and can carry out transfers or enter emissions.


Account representative

Prerequisites / Conditions

The review covers all account representatives who have documentation older than tree years. The following documents must be submitted to the Swedish Energy Agency:

The application form is required to verify which organisation the account representatives are applying for and also to facilitate easy access to the account representative contact information. We provide the form in downloadable PDF format on our website.

Power of attorney shall be provided for account representatives who do not have the right to sign. The Swedish Energy Agency provides a template which is downloadable in PDF format.

Copies of valid ID (passport or identity card) must be certified by a Notary Public.

The Swedish Energy Agency also verifies the permanent address for all account representatives who resides in Sweden. If the account representatives reside outside of Sweden, evidence to support the address of the permanent residence must be provided.

Account representative must submit an extract from their criminal record and it must be submitted to the Swedish Energy Agency in sealed and unopened envelopes or legalised or apostilled stamped copy.

Documents submitted shall be in Swedish or English. If the original document is in another language, a legalised or apostilled stamped copy must be submitted together with a certified translation.

Here you can find more about the documentation requirements that apply to documentation for the account representatives.  

For questions, contact the Swedish Energy Agency by e-mail or by phone.

Account holder

Prerequisites / Conditions

The following documentation must be attached when you apply for a trading or person holding account. The numbers in the bullet list below correspond to sections further down which contain descriptions of the requirement.

  • Application form
  • Evidence of the account holder's identity
  • Evidence of address of permanent residence for the account holder
  • Evidence of open bank account for the account holder
  • Extract from the account holder's criminal record
  • Annual report

The application form is to give us information about which account holder the documentation belongs to so that we easily can get contact information to the account representative and the account holder.

The Swedish Energy Agency provides the form downloadable in PDF format.

Here you can read more about the documentation requirements that apply to documentation for the account holder.