EU Login

EU Login is an authentication service used to access the Union Registry and other services under the European Commission. Starting from 2022, users in the Union Registry need to use the EU Login mobile app as part of the log in process. It is also used to verify transactions and other processes in the registry.

To log in to the Union Registry, you always need to verify your identity through the EU Login service. Starting from 2022, verification with the EU Login mobile app becomes mandatory for user verification, replacing the previous method of SMS-verification. Users that currently use SMS-verification will continue to be able to do so until the cut-off date, 7 January 2022. However, we strongly advice users to migrate to the mobile app in advance, preferably as soon as possible.

To use the EU Login mobile app, you first need to register your phone with your EU Login web account. Below, you will find instructions on how to get started.


How do I get started with the EU Login mobile app?

To start using the EU Login app, visit the User Guide or the Quick Interactive Guide on the EU ETS Registry website:

Existing users in the union registry will need to switch from SMS verification to mobile app verification. Follow the instructions on page 22-24 in the user guide on how to set up the EU Login app and register your mobile device to your account. Afterwards, you may follow page 18-19 for instructions on how to log in to the union registry when using the app for the first time.

For first time users of the union registry, visit page 21-24 in the user guide where you will find instructions on how to create an EU Login account and register your mobile device.

If you are new to the union registry and want to open an account or become a representative for an existing account, please visit our application pages at How to start trading to learn about the application process.



Can I login with SMS after I have started using the EU Login mobile app?

No, once you have logged in using the mobile app you will not be able to use SMS verification.

Can I use the EU Login app on several mobile devices?

No, a user can only have one device connected to their EU Login account.

How do I change the mobile device registered to my EU Login account?

You can make this change yourself, but you will need access to both the currently registered device and the new device that you want to register.

If you have a new mobile device, but you do not have access to the device that is currently registered to your EU Login account, we need to assist you in the device change. Please contact us at

If you have access to both devices, you can initiate the process on your own. Start by logging into your EU Login account with your old device. Navigate to “Manage my devices” and verify your identity with the EU Login app on your new device. A request is automatically created and sent to a national administrator for approval.

The first time you log in to the registry after a device change, you will be prompted to select which mobile device you want to authenticate with. Upon selecting your new device, your old device will be unregistered from your EU Login account.

Can all mobile devices use the EU Login app?

Mobile devices with access to Apple Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) can download and use the EU Login Mobile App.

Android-devices by Huawei that have been released after 16 May 2019 use Huawei App Gallery instead of Google Play Store. For this reason, newer Huawei phones will not be able to use the EU Login app.

The following Huawei devices do not have access to the EU Login app:

  • Huawei P40
  • Huawei P40 Lite
  • Huawei P40 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 30 series
  • Huawei Mate Xs
  • Honor 30 series

Upcoming phones by Huawei will continue to use the Huawei App Gallery, and will therefore not have access to EU Login app. The reason behind it is a new U.S. law that prevents Google from working with Huawei. The European Commission do not have plans to publish the EU Login app in the Huawei App Gallery.

Huawei phones released prior to 16 May 2019 use the Google Play Store and have access to EU Login app. This includes the following Huawei devices:

  • P30 Pro
  • P30 Huawei
  • Mate 20 Huawei
  • Mate 20 Pro
  • Mate 20 RS
  • P30 lite
  • P smart 2019
  • P smart+ 2019
  • P smart Z
  • Mate 20 X
  • Mate 20 X 5G
  • P20 Pro
  • P20
  • Mate 10 Pro
  • Porsche Design Mate 10
  • Mate 10
  • Mate 20 Lite
  • Honor 8X
  • Honor 10
  • Honor 20
  • Honor 20i/20 Lite
  • Honor 20 Pro

What is EU Login, and how does it work?

EU Login is a service that the European Commission uses to verify the identity of users of e.g. the union registry. Upon visiting the union registry website, you will be redirected to the EU Login page where you need to login with your email, your password, and select an identity verification method.

To verify your identity using the EU Login app, select “EU Login Mobile App QR Code” as your verification method when logging in. A QR will then be generated in your browser that you scan using the EU Login mobile app. An 8-digit code will then be generated in your mobile app that you enter into your browser.

For more information, visit the User Guide or the Quick Interactive Guide on the EU ETS Registry website: