Roles in the registry

In the Union Registry, you can choose which roles an account representative should have in an account. An account must always have at least two authorised representatives. Here you get to know the differences between the roles.

Roles and privileges in the EU ETS

Account representatives covered by the Swedish law and representatives in trading accounts can use different roles in the registry. The roles have different privileges andunctions, and the account holder can choose how these roles should be applied to the representatives.



1. Initiator – representatives in this role can only initiate processes such as transactions and changes in the Trusted Account List (TAL).  


2. Approver representatives in this role can only approve processes such as transactions and changes in TAL. This role isequivalentto the current role of Extra Competent Representative.

Initiator and approver

3. Initiator and approverrepresentatives in this role can both initiate or approve processes such as transactions and changes in TAL. This role is equivalent to the current role of authorized Representative.

Read only

4. Read-only - representatives in this role only have reading permissions in the registry and cannot perform any transactions.

When opening an account, two representatives with any of the following role combinations are required.

Initiator + Approver

a. Initiator + Approver 

Initiator & Approver + Approver

b. Initiator & Approver + Approver 

Initiator + Initiator & Approver

c. Initiator + Initiator & Approver 

Initiator & Approver + Initiator & Approver

d. Initiator & Approver + Initiator & Approver 

It is also this combination of representative roles that can initiate and complete a transaction in the Union Registry.

Representative roles on accounts in the Kyoto Registry

Representatives on person holding accounts in the Kyoto Registry can use the representative roles Authorised Representative and Additional Authorised Representative.

Authorised Representatives have all the necessary basic privileges to be able to administer an account, i.e., proposing and approving transactions, and updating account information.

Additional Authorised Representatives can only approve transactions proposed by authorised representatives. If an Additional Authorised Representative is appointed to an account, ALL transactions must be approved by that representative.

Read Only – In addition to the roles above, it is also possible to register authorised representatives with read-only privileges. Users with this role can only read information and not initiate or approve any transactions.

Representative roles before 2021

These changes only applied for representatives on accounts in the EU ETS.
The conversion of representative roles took place automatically in the Union Registry. All Authorised Representatives were automatically converted to the role Initiator & Approver.

On accounts that had an Additional Authorised Representative, this role was converted to Approver while the Authorised Representatives were converted to Initiators.
The Authorised Representative and Additional Authorised Representative roles have been removed from EU accounts in the Union Registry.