Roles in the registry

Below you will find important information about roles and representatives for accounts.

Note: Starting from 2021-01-01, there are new representative roles in the union registry. Please refer to this page until the current page has been updated. The roles currently listed below only apply for person holding accounts under the Kyoto protocol.


An account must always have at least two representatives.

An authorised representative has all the necessary rights to be able to administer an account, for example proposing transactions and updating account information.

An additional authoried representative can only approve transactions and additions in the list of trusted accounts proposed by authorised representatives.

If an additional authorised representative is appointed to an account, all transactions must be approved by that role, including surrender transactions and transactions to accounts on the trusted account list.

Approval by an additional authorised representative is mandatory for transactions from a trading account to an account that is not registered in the trusted account list.  

In addition to authorised and additional authorised representatives, there is also the possibility of registering authorised representativesy with read-only rights on an account.