Public information

Information from the Swedish National Registry and the EU ETS is available online. This includes information on operator allocation and compliance and account holders and Kyoto units in the Swedish registry.

Units and transaction in the Swedish Registry

Information in the Swedish registry is published in accordance with the provisions of the Registries Regulation and Decision 13/CMP.1 of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol.

Account holder representative, holding and transaction information is not completely public due to more detailed information being declared confidential by EU and Swedish regulation. This is mainly due to security and personal integrity issues and follows from Article 110.1 of the Commission Regulation No. 389/2013 which provides that 'Information, including the holdings of all accounts, all transactions made, the unique unit identification code of the allowances and the unique numeric value of the unit serial number of the Kyoto units held or affected by the transaction, held in the EUTL, the Union registry and every other KP registry shall be considered confidential except as otherwise required by Union law, or by provisions of national law that pursue a legitimate objective compatible with this Regulation and are proportionate'.

The Swedish legislation concerned is the Swedish Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (SFS 2009:400)

Public reports from the Swedish Registry

For yearly reports on unit holdings in the Swedish Registry, download annual documentation (SEF reports) from the box to the right.

For information on the procedures for Article 6/JI-projects in Sweden, visit the Swedish Energy Agency pages for DNA and DFP.

Information from the EU ETS

Information from the EU ETS is published by the European Union's transaction log, EUTL. You can use the EUTL database to find information such as transaction data for transactions older than 5 years, allocation, emissions, surrenders and account holders.

Some information is confidential. The Swedish Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (SFS 2009:400) and the EU Regulation 389/2013/EU contains regulation which protects sensitive information.

Information on account holders in the Swedish registry can be found in the document "Public Information.." on the right.

European Union Transaction Log


EU Member States shall each year publish information on compliance in the EU ETS. Here you can find the compliance tables showing the allowances surrendered by the operators corresponding to the verified emissions .

Compliance data for 2013 (.xls)

Cumulative compliance list 2008-2012 (.xlsx)

And find the compliance information on the EUTL for the following years in the comittment period 2014-2017 via this link.