Union Registry News

Here you can find news concerning the Union registry for emission trading and EU ETS.


Change of SMS provider

The Commission has decided to change the SMS operator for EU login. This means that the number that sends SMS at login has been changed. The amendment applies as of September 25th. SMS comes from the number +32460213827.

If you have a Belgian number (+32): you will receive an SMS from the number 3295.


Updating of data for authorized account representatives in the Union Registry

The Swedish Energy Agency has an obligation to at least once every three years to review whether the information submitted for opening of an account remains complete, up-to-date, accurate and true under Article 25 of Commission regulation (EU) No 389/2013 of 2 May 2013 establishing a Union Registry pursuant to Directive 2003/87/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, Decisions No 280/2004/EC and No 406/2009/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and repealing Commission Regulations (EU) No 920/2010 and No 1193 / 2011. Find more information here.



Public holidays in the Union registry 2017

Public holidays according to Swedish law (1989:253) are days when no transactions are initiated in the Swedish part of the Union registry.

nyårsdagen/New Year's Day 2017-01-01
trettondedag jul/Epiphany 2017-01-06
långfredagen/Good Friday 2017-04-14
påskdagen/Easter Sunday 2017-04-16
annandag påsk/Easter Monday 2017-04-17
första maj/May 1 public holiday 2017-05-01
Kristi himmelsfärdsdag/Ascension Day 2017-05-25
pingstdagen/Pentecost 2017-06-04
nationaldagen/National Day 2017-06-06
midsommardagen/Midsummer's day 2017-06-24
alla helgons dag/All Saints Day 2017-10-04
juldagen/Christmas day 2017-12-25
annandag jul/Boxing Day 2017-12-26