For people in apartments

It is difficult to know how much energy you consume in your apartment if both heating and hot water are included in your rent. Nevertheless, there is a lot you can do to reduce your energy consumption and your electricity bill.

Here are some tips which will help you reduce your energy consumption in your apartment. In addition to the tips you receive here, you will be able to read more under each link.

  • Lighting - if you change 10 of your normal lightbulbs for low-energy lamps, you can save around 500 kWh per year. With an average electricity price of SEK 1.25/kWh, this means that you can save SEK 625 per year.
  • Home electronics - if you switch off your television and your computer at the main switch instead of by the remote control, you will not have to pay for the electricity used when your equipment is on standby. Some televisions and computers use almost as much power when they are on standby as when they are switched on.
  • Cooking and food storage - by monitoring the temperature in the fridge and freezer, you will be able to save energy. Each degree colder than + 5 in the fridge and – 18 in the freezer increases energy consumption by 5 %.
  • Washing, dishwashing and showering - by filling your washing machine and your dishwasher instead of running them half-full, you will save a lot of energy. A dishwasher is more energy-efficient than washing by hand. If you do not have a dishwasher, you can nevertheless save energy when washing by using a sink plug and a washbowl. By showering instead of bathing, you save both money and the environment.

Individual water and heat measurement

It is possible to introduce individual water and heat measurement with remote metering in apartments.  Speak to your landlord. Via a display in your apartment, you will be able to see how much hot water you have used during the day. In that way you will more clearly be able to see how your behaviour impacts on your energy consumption.