• Switch off the lights when you leave a room. There are several different ways of ensuring that lights are switched off when they are not needed. These may be, for example, light sensors, motion sensors and timers.
  • Change over to low-energy lamps. 1 kWh of electrical energy will keep a low-energy lamp alight for 111 hours, whereas an incandescent bulb will be alight for only 25 hours.
  • If you decide to change a light fitting, choose a fluorescent light variant, if appropriate.
  • Some lamps draw current even when they are switched off. This applies to the transformer of halogen lamps, which is the small box on the plug. Pull the plug out when you have switched off the lamp, or connect it to the socket across a branch outlet with switch.
  • Halogen spotlights are popular. Check that the halogen lamp can be replaced by an LED lamp that has a much lower electricity consumption.