Home electronics and standby

Electronics such as television, computer, dvd and other devices, often continue to draw power if you turn off those with the remote - it's called standby.

It is not just TV or computer that can continue to use power when not in use. Mobile and battery charger and adjustable desks and beds often use electricity as long as the electrical plugs are in.

Broadband Modem, cordless phones, halogen and mobile phone charger has a transformer that consume electricity even if the lamp is related or cell phone is disconnected from the charger.

As much as 30-40 percent of the energy your appliances use during their lifetime is used when they are in standby mode. Generally speaking, therefore, up to 10 percent of your household electricity is lost in standby mode.

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A TV with integrated digital set-top box is usually more energy efficient than a TV with a standalone box, as many standalone boxes have an unnecessarily high standby power and some have no off button.

Today, many often choose a larger TV when buying a new, leading to a higher energy. Energy could more than treble when you replace your old 28 inch tube TV to a new 42 inch plasma.  

How you can save energy

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