Deficiencies in insulation

A thermal bridge forms a part of the climate shell which has inferior insulation compared to the rest of a construction. Thermal bridges may arise in several ways, for example, if the insulation work has not been carried out properly so that the insulation does not fill all cavities in the construction.

Thermal bridges usually arise at balcony attachments, between storeys, at the base of the roof and in the outer corners of the climate shell. A thermal bridge results in heat losses and cold surfaces indoors.

The pictures has been taken with a heat camera and shows a thermal bridge in the corner of a staircase. The lighter surfaces in the picture are warm and the dark-blue surfaces are cold. It clearly shows that the insulation in the corner of the staircase is deficient. The dark-blue surface around and in the window also shows that the window is poorly insulated and sealed.

In order to tackle the problem, proper weather seals should be fitted to the window. The window can be replaced with a window that provides better insulation. The thermal bridge in the corner of the staircase is more difficult to rectify, but if there are any intentions to repair the panelling on the outside of the house, it would be a good idea to take an extra look at the outer corner and make repairs to the insulation.

Photo: Mikael Söderström Rosén, KanEnergi