Reports on lifetime extension, remanufacturing and repairability of products

As part of ongoing work to analyse the possibilities and limits of resource efficiency requirements in ecodesign and energy labelling and other product legislation, three reports have been finalized recently, focusing on lifetime extension, remanufacturing and repairability, respectively.

Below is also a related article.

The reports

The first report describes the existing knowledge on the environmental effects of product lifetime extension such as design, repair and upgrading, and how environmental impacts during different parts of the product life cycle (production, use and recycling) and user patterns affect this.

Increasing the lifespan of products - Policies and consumer perspectives

Secondly, here are two reports on regulatory mapping for remanufacturing of products under EU law with focus on the legal framework in a Circular Economy context. The aim of the reports are to provide an overview of the current legal situation, identifying areas of potential improvement and highlighting provisions that are not adapted, contradictive or difficult to apply in a Circular Economy context.

Regulatory mapping for remanufacturing of products under EU law - The Swedish Chemicals Agency

Analysis of the concepts of remanufacturing and repair under the Ecodesign Directive

Last, here is an article that explores the current policy landscape for repair services by first outlining legal and market barriers to stakeholder participation in repair activities, and which stakeholders are affected. Subsequently, the current and proposed policy solutions to address barriers and increase repair activities are reviewed.

Barriers, enablers and market governance: A review of the policy landscape for repair of consumer electronics in the EU and the U.S. - ScienceDirect