Checkpoint 2015 for the electricity certificate market

2015 marks the first checkpoint (Kontrollstation 2015) for the Swedish-Norwegian electricity certificate market. The objectives of the Checkpoint 2015 include investigating existing needs and producing data for changes or adjustments to the regulations.

The assignment received by both the Swedish and Norwegian energy agencies includes analysing the design of the quota curve in order to fulfil the agreement's obligation for a joint electricity certificate market. Below is the Swedish Energy Agency's interpretation of the assignment text.

Any adjustments to the quota obligation curve

The assignment states that the Agency is to "analyse and recommend any adjustments to the quota obligation curve that are needed to ensure that Sweden fulfils its obligations to Norway in the treaty on a joint electricity certificate market".

Agreement for a joint market

The joint Swedish-Norwegian market for electricity certificates was founded on 1 January 2012 and extends up to the end of 2035. When introducing the joint market an agreement was made between the countries, regulating the collaboration. Article 2 of the agreement concerns goals and obligations for reaching the countries' joint goals for year 2020 and for ensuring that both countries contribute equally to this.

Goals of the joint market

The goal is to increase the renewable electricity production by a total of 26.4 TWh in both countries between 2012 and 2020. The agreement states that countries shall strive for annulling electricity certificates corresponding to 13.2 TWh each in 2020. Each country is also to annul electricity certificates corresponding to 198 TWh between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2035. The annulments concern the plants that are part of the joint goal. In addition to this there will be quotas set for taking into consideration the plants that are not part of the joint goal, i.e. plants that began operating or increased their production before 1 January 2012.