About the Swedish Energy system


The supply of energy to the Swedish energy system is based on renewable energy sources such as water, wind, sun, and biomass.

We also import energy products such as nuclear fuel, biofuels, fossil fuels and natural gas.

The total energy supplied

The amount of energy supplied to the Swedish energy system, has usually been since the mid-1980s, at a level between 500 to 600 TWh annually.

The supply of biofuels has increased since the 1980s. Wind power has increased since the beginning of the 2000s. Solar power has also increased rapidly during the 2010s, however it remains a small part of the total energy supply. The energy supply of fossil energy commodities such as crude oil and petroleum products has decreased by more than half since the 1970s.


Total energy supply, TWh

Supply of biofuels

The share of biomass has increased steadily since the 1980s, tripling over the last 40 years.

Supply of biofuels

Supply of nuclear power

The supply of nuclear fuel to the energy system has varied over time. From the 1970s until today, we have built up, produced electricity, and decommissioned nuclear power.

Supply of nuclear power

Supply of crude oil and petroleum products

Crude oil and petroleum products are supplied to the Swedish energy system, among other things, to supply Sweden with fuel. A large part of Crude oil and petroleum products are refined into petrol and diesel to then be exported.

Energy commodities in energy system

The largest share of source of energy in the Swedish energy system are biofuels, nuclear power, crude oil, and petroleum products. Hydro power is also a significant part of the energy system. Other types of power have smaller share of the total energy supply. All types of power have an important function in Sweden's energy system.

Import and export of electricity

The Swedish electricity system is interconnected with several European countries. Export and import of electricity are essential for a robust and sustainable power system. There is a constant transfer of electricity, both within Sweden and between the northern European countries which is important for a high security of supply.

Import av el, januari till december

Export of electricity, january to december

Data is for import and export is available from 2019 and onwards

In Sweden, we import and export electricity from Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Germany, and Poland. Sweden has been a net exporter of electricity for a number of years in a row.

Import and export of electricity last twelve-month period, may 2023 to april 2024