Participate in testing sustainable mobility solutions to reach an accelerated market introduction

Global climate goals are set and the journey toward a sustainable future has begun. Sweden is committed to pushing boundaries and building a more sustainable future with a fossil-free transport sector at the latest by 2045.

Understanding that our daily travel account for a substantial part of our carbon dioxide-emissions, we are exploring new ways to improve how we travel.

Through this call the Swedish Energy Agency invites the world’s most progressive innovators and organizations to take part in unlocking the potential of sustainable mobility services. To reduce the carbon footprint from our daily travel, we will recognize and demonstrate fossil-free, user-friendly personal mobility services that meet the needs of today’s travelers and that reduce the need of vehicles.

The projects are to focus on testing and developing:

  • a new service that coordinates and facilitates the many different means of transport in a region to promote seamless and sustainable transportation.
  • an open and scalable platform that is easy to use and that simplifies the transition towards traveling without ownership of a car and that meets the actual needs that constitute the foundation for how we travel today.
  • a service that offers possibilities for safe and accessible implementation in relation to other IT-systems and a communicable and sustainable business model.
  • a service that is developable over time and that via open access and accessibility, such as open API, enables development of new third-party solutions in symbiosis with the service.
  • a service that includes access to public transport systems, bike pools etcetera
  • a mobility solution that contributes to a reduced number of vehicles and thereby reduced congestion rates.

The call has the flowing goals that the projects are to contribute towards achieving:

  • Having tested at least one sustainable mobility solution that emanates from personal transport needs and that contains a profitable long-term business model.
  • The services are, for all approved projects, to be tested on at least 5000 users, both individuals and companies (that purchase the service for their employee’s business trips).
  • Increased knowledge about and increased supply of services for shared mobility.
  • Facilitating the transition towards a fossil free transport sector.
  • An increased equality and accessibility in the transport sector through mobility services.
  • An accelerated market introduction of original services.

Total advertised funds in this call are approximately SEK 15 million.

Call deadline: 24th of June 2019, 11.59 p.m. You´ll find more information about the call in the full announcement text (see More information)