Energy becomes an enabler for regional growth in Boden

The Municipality of Boden has established a collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency. The purpose is to promote a holistic approach to energy use, and to promote the future development of industry in primarily IT-related industries and food production.

Actors in the region of Boden will jointly implement measures that lead to resource-efficient energy use (including power), with an increased share of renewable energy and create more circular flows of materials and energy within industrial clusters. It also includes promoting a fossil-independent vehicle fleet as well as an increased self-sufficiency of both fuel and food in Norrbotten.

– It feels exciting that Boden is now taking a national position as an important place for the development of resource-efficient energy use, says Claes Nordmark, municipal Councilor.

The Municipality of Boden, through its development companies Boden Business Park AB and Bodens Utveckling AB, has established a collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency. The collaboration is part of a comprehensive initiative supported by the Swedish Energy Agency's work on sectoral strategies for energy efficiency. The national target is 50 percent more efficient use of energy by 2030. The strategy node in Boden contributes by developing new scalable innovations and solutions that can lead to resource-efficient energy use within the industry.

The long-term goal is to increase the attractiveness of international establishments and investments in Sweden.

Thomas Fägerman is the CEO of Boden Business Park AB. Thomas sees several benefits in contributing to the sectoral strategies.

– The strategy node opens new roads for knowledge exchange and deeper cooperation with the Swedish Energy Agency. In addition to being a pioneer and contributing to new smart measures and good examples, we now also have the opportunity to provide input into the development of policy instruments.

The possibilities with the strategy nodes are great, according to the Swedish Energy Agency.

– We see that there is a great need to establish collaboration between businesses at an early stage in order to work together to realize a resource efficient energy use. In Boden, there is the ambition and opportunities to "do right from the start", says Anders Pousette, Programme Manager at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Form a strategy node

Strategy nodes is a way of bringing players together at regional and local level. The aim is to drive innovations and contribute to a broader implementation of these. If you are interested in forming a strategy node, make a statement of interest to The Swedish Energy Agency via this form (in swedish). The declaration of interest should include a brief description of the constellation of actors and how you want to contribute to the sectoral strategies.

About the sectoral strategies

The Swedish Energy Agency has been commissioned by the Government to formulate sectoral strategies for energy efficiency in consultation with relevant authorities, and together with various industries. The sectoral strategies will help Sweden reach the goal of 50 percent more efficient energy use by 2030.

Read more (in swedish) about Sector strategies and how you can report interest in participating as a strategy node or with other commitments.