Do you want to contribute to research and innovation for a sustainable and biobased society?

Sweden aims to become a fossil-free welfare nation by 2045. This call for proposals provides aid to projects which, based on sustainable biobased raw materials, have the potential to contribute to solving the energy and climate challenges that Sweden faces as part of meeting this goal. This means that the projects must be relevant to the future energy system, while at the same time contributing to solving the climate challenges.

The call relates to research, innovation and commercialisation activities that span from land to market. This includes supply and use or conversion of biomass, biobased value chains, biobased systems and sustainability issues relevant to this area, as well as societal and social issues arising from the transition to a fossil-free and biobased society. This may include entire value chains and systems, or specific parts of these.

Application deadline: 23 June 2021

This is the first call for proposals within the framework of the Bio+ programme. More information about the programme and its background is available on the Swedish Energy Agency’s website.

Projects that can contribute to one or more of the programme’s outcome objectives can receive aid

The programme’s outcome objectives are:

  • Resource-efficient solutions
  • Sustainable value chains
  • New constellations of actors 
  • High level of competence
  • Effective policies and instruments 

Projects can start on 1 January 2022 at the earliest and last until 31 December 2025 at the latest.

The call for proposals has a budget of approximately SEK 100 million.

Who can apply?

Any actor who can contribute to achieving the above objectives is eligible. For example:

  • companies
  • public sector organisations
  • universities and colleges in the social science, humanities, engineering and natural science disciplines
  • institutions
  • other actors

The decision on which projects will be granted aid will be taken in November 2021 at the earliest. Read more in the full call text under “Read this before applying”.

Open information and Q&A session on the call via TEAMS

Are you planning to submit an application and have questions about the content and procedure? Would you like to listen to information and other people’s questions in the preparation of your application? Then you are welcome to participate.

No prior registration required. Simply join directly by clicking on the link to the meeting above.


Support will be available until 16:00 on that date the call is closed. 

Send an email to or contact one of the persons below. If you have any questions about the call, please contact one of the administrators below.

If you have any questions about Mina sidor or other technical issues, please contact

Technical Support. Separation and conversion processes

  • Mats Larsson, +46 16 544 23 14
  • Vera Nemanova, +46 16 544 22 83
  • Sofia Andersson, +46 16 544 24 45
  • Benny Fillman, +46 16 544 21 41

Supply and sustainability

  • Anna Malmström, +46 16 544 22 63
  • Kalle Svensson, +46 16 544 21 09

Transition, system studies, humanities and social sciences

  • Michael Novotny, +46 16 544 06 25