The Swedish Energy Agency opens procurement for mitigation activity proposals in Ghana

We have opened a public procurement for greenhouse gas mitigation activity proposals in Ghana. Applicants are invited to submit proposals for mitigation activities that reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

The Swedish Energy Agency is now procuring mitigation activity proposals in Ghana, with the purpose of generating internationally transferred mitigation outcomes (ITMOs) until 2030. Parallel to the public procurement process, the agency is in the final stages of establishing a bilateral Article 6 cooperation with Ghana.

About the procurement

The public procurement process is open for any actor to propose a mitigation activity in Ghana that is suitable for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. The mitigation activity development, implementation, and transfer of ITMOs will be regulated under a mitigation outcome purchase agreement and subject to the Ghanaian and Swedish Article 6 framework, as applicable. Once developed, the mitigation activity will be authorized by the respective host countries and must live up to requirements on environmental integrity, sustainable development, and transformational impact, while enabling increased mitigation ambition.

The public procurement is available on the Tenders Electronic Daily website