The Swedish Energy Agency, together with the International Energy Agency (IEA), are hosting DSM Day on 16 March in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Swedish Energy Agency together with the International Energy Agency Demand Side Management Energy Efficiency technology cooperation (IEA DSM) invites researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to a full-day conference devoted to different aspects of demand side management in the energy field.

The main objective of the day is to create an exchange between the work done by the Swedish actors and within the IEA DSM cooperation as well as promote opportunities for more international cooperation. 


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Topic areas

  • Big data applications: the Swedish perspective. What is the state of art in big data analysis and how do we use big data to contribute to a sustainable energy system? We are inviting researchers and entrepreneurs to share their experiences in applying big data analysis to addressing different challenges within and outside of the energy field.
  • Visualisation and interpretation of energy use. Visualizing and explaining energy use has been shown to stimulate more energy efficient behaviours. Interactive displays are beginning to move out in public environments. How can we use design and ICT in order to ease the understanding of energy use (in homes, public spaces and organisations)? Research can even help understanding how people interpret energy and relate to activities around energy use, which can intern facilitate better policy decisions and technology choices.
  • Energy Demand Flexibility. Demand Flexibility or "Flexiwatts" refer to growing ability, through the use of a variety of technologies to determine precisely when during the day the use of energy is most optimal. It is a way to save money and fuel by shifting load away from peak periods, reduce transmission losses and balance renewable sources such as wind and solar power with predictably variable output, in order to keep the energy system running smoothly.

Along with learning about Swedish projects and activities within demand side management there will be an opportunity to get acquainted with the current and planned research projects within the IEA DSM:

  • Task 16 Innovative Energy Services
  • Task 17 Integration of Demand Side Management, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources
  • Task 24 Phase II Behaviour Change in DSM – Helping the Behaviour Changers
  • Task 25 Business Models for a more effective market uptake of DSM energy services
  • Task 26 (planned) Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency


Registration is closed. If you have any questons, please contact the us using the contact information below.


IEA DSM is an international collaboration of 16 countries and sponsors working together to develop and promote opportunities for demand side management (DSM). DSM offers solutions to problems such as load management, energy efficiency, strategic conservation and related activities.