DSM Day Speakers

Please read our brief presentations of the DSM Day speakers. The speakers are presented in order of appearance during the conference.

Erik Brandsma, Director General, Swedish Energy Agency

Before joining the Swedish Energy Agency in 2012, Erik Brandsma already had several years of experience working in energy and sustainability at the Department of Infrastructure and the Environment in the Netherlands, OECD, UN, E.ON and Vattenfall.

Rob Kool, Chair of IEA DSM

Rob Kool has been working as expert in the field of energy efficiency for more than 25 years. He's working as interim manager with the Netherlands Energy Agency (RVO.NL). His work focusses on implementing energy policy of the EU, and the Netherlands in society. Internationally he is active in the IEA as chair of the DSM implementing agreement and the Experts' group on R&D priority setting and evaluation.

Senja Nordström, Moderator and Senior advisor in digitalization, Swedish Energy Agency

Senja Nordström has a MSc in Computer Science with focus on behavioural science and an international degree in economics and trade. She has 14 years of experience as Management Consultant in the Energy sector. The last couple of years Senja focused on helping companies and universities commercialize technological innovations.

Jan W. Bleyl, Energetic Solutions

Energetic Solutions has 20+ years of experience in energy efficiency project development & implementation in national + international contexts, many of them ESCo projects. Current interests are: LCC, bankable calculations & financing, Deep Retrofit, Facilitation, SM&V. Jan is operating agent for IEA DSM Task 16.

Matthias Stifter, AIT Austrian Institute Of Technology

Matthias Stifter received a degree in Technical Cybernetics from Vienna University of Technology, Austria. He has several years of experience as a professional in the field of software development. Since 2007 he is with AIT, Energy Department - Electric Energy Systems. Since 2008 he is national expert and since 2013 operating agent for the IEA DSM Task 17.


René Kamphuis, TNO Dutch National Institute for Applied Scientific Research

René Kamphuis is a senior technologist at TNO, the Dutch National Institute for applied scientific research, and a part-time professor at Eindhoven Technical University in the Netherlands in 'Smart Operation of Electricity Systems' via ICT' in the Electrical Energy Systems group. He served as a Dutch country expert in phase 1 and 2 and for phase 3 together with Matthias Stifter (AIT) is operating agent IEA DSM Task 17.


Sea Rotmann, Energy Service Task 24 of IEA DSM

Dr Sea Rotmann is the Operating Agent of IEA DSM Task 24 called 'Behaviour Change in DSM - Helping the Behaviour Changers'. She lives in New Zealand and has her own research consultancy, called SEA - Sustainable Energy Advice Ltd. Phase 1 of her research looked at the theoretical aspects of behaviour change. The current, second Phase, looks at how to turn this theory into practice.


Ruth Mourik, Energy Service Task 25 of IEA DSM

Dr Ruth Mourik specializes in energy sustainability projects, with a focus on behavioural and behaviour change, societal acceptance of new technologies, (open) innovation management and co-creation. She has Masters in Anthropology, Sociology, and Society and Technology Studies (STS), and holds a PhD in systemic technological and societal transitions. Ruth is currently CEO and founder of DuneWorks, a research company.


Catherine Cooremans, Researcher at University of Neuchâtel, Institute of Economic Research and University of Geneva

Catherine Cooremans has an MBA and a PhD in Business Management. She is a researcher and teacher at the University of Geneva. She is also an partner at Eco'Diagnostic where she advises utilities and energy administrations on developing energy-efficiency market transformation programs. She is a member of the editorial board of the Energy Efficiency Journal and an expert to IEA.


Gösta Forsum, Big Data Engineer, Spotify

Gösta Forsum is a veteran software developer with a broad interest in applied mathematics and infrastructure at all scales. He currently works with user activation at Spotify.


Daði Bjarnason, Software Developer, Spotify

Daði Bjarnason is a software developer with an interest in how data can be used to build smarter software systems. He works on making sense of Spotify's massive music catalogue.


Mia Hesselgren, Grean Leap, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Mia Hesselgren is a PhD student in Design and Sustainability. Her research focus is on how methods of service design, strategic design and collaborative design can be used in sustainable development and for transitions towards a sustainable future.


Loove Broms, Grean Leap, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Loove Broms is a researcher in Design and Sustainability at Green Leap, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He is also Associate Professor in Interaction Design at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. His research focus is on how design can contribute to create and uphold more sustainable everyday practices with focus on how we produce, use and relate to energy.


Lars Nordström, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Lars Nordström is Professor in Information Systems for Power System Control at KTH. He is presently Head of the department of Electric Power and Energy Systems at KTH. His research interests include future architectures, functionality and quality aspects of information and communication systems used for power system control, operation, automation and protection.


Theodore Vasiloudis, Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS)

Theodore Vasiloudis is a Machine Learning (ML) researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) and a PhD Candidate at KTH. His main research interest is large-scale machine learning. He is also a contributor to the ML library for Apache Flink, FlinkML.


Viktor Botev, Chalmers University of Technology

Viktor is a research engineer at Chalmers University of Technology in the field of Distributed Systems, Data mining and Security. Main topics of research are human behaviour analysis for stimulating energy efficiency habits, and improving energy efficiency by analysing big energy data to detect energy losses and help preventing them. He is also CTO of IRIS AI - company developing artificial intelligence for making science more accessible to entrepreneurs and innovators.


Anton Gustavsson, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT

Anton is Senior Researcher at the Energy Design studio based in Eskilstuna. The studio develops tools and artefacts that help people to become more energy efficient. New design solutions are necessary to motivate people to change their behaviour in addition to new technology.


Per Brolund, Senior Concept Designer, Transformator Design

As a Senior Concept Designer with over 4 years of experience Service Design business, Per has developed extensive visual communication skills. Simplifying complex information, abstract insights and strategies into tangible, visual concepts that enable consensus and help optimize impact and spread within teams and organisations.


Carin Torstensson, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT

Carin has been at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT since 2005, having between 2006 and 2014 been director of the department in Eskilstuna. Since 2014 she focuses more on business development and the project manager role. During 2012-2014 Carin was a member of the government council for smart grids 'Samordningsrådet för smarta elnät'.


Elin Önnevall, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT

Elin joined the Energy Design team at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT in spring 2015. She is involved in several projects with an energy focus using her expertise within anthropology, ethnography and design research.


Cajsa Bartusch, Uppsala University

Cajsa Bartusch has a Ph.D. degree in energy and environmental technology from Mälardalen University in 2011. She is a researcher at the Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University. Her research focuses on actor, market and system perspectives on smart grids and demand response in electricity markets in particular.


Peter Juslin, Uppsala University

Peter Juslin is Professor at the Department of Psychology, Uppsala University. Peter has a long record of basic research in Cognitive Psychology, and especially in the area of human judgment and decision making, but in recent years he has also been involved in applied research on people´s incentives for changing their behaviour in regard to issues of energy consumption and sustainable development.


Per Åslund, Expektra

Per Åslund is Director of Marketing & Sales at Expektra. He has 20 years of experience from the Nordic electricity industry and has held several management positions in Vattenfall and Fortum. In addition, he has been management consultant at Capgemini Consulting.


Fredrik Hagblom, Greenely

Greenely has developed a mobile platform that gamifies households' energy behavior. Using data mining and behavioral science, the application analyzes energy usage behavior to then tailor its feedback to each household. The platform is purely a software solution and requires no hardware.


Hjalmar Nilsonne, Watty

Hjalmar Nilsonne is the CEO of energy data company Watty. He holds an MSc in Industrial engineering with a specialisation in energy systems. He has been involved in commercialising cleantech technologies for the past five years, initially in the solar industry and more recently in the energy data area with Watty.

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