Do you want to contribute to knowledge about the role of biomass in society and sustainable bio-based solutions?

In this call for proposals, the Swedish Energy Agency is providing support for research and innovation projects that contribute to the energy and climate transition by developing knowledge about the role of biomass in society and sustainable bio-based solutions.

Projects that want to contribute knowledge of the contribution of bioenergy and biomass to the energy and climate transition can obtain support

The call welcomes projects that contribute to the development of knowledge about the use and conversion of biomass, as well as bio-based value chains and bio-based systems. Key themes in the call are the supply of sustainable biological feedstock and its conversion into energy-related products, as well as co-production between these and other bio-based products. It may also be relevant for projects that can contribute knowledge about the sustainability of biological feedstock from several perspectives.

The call also welcomes projects that can provide knowledge of how the production and use of biomass affects actors in society, both directly and indirectly, as well as critical perspectives and knowledge of potential risks and conflicting goals that may arise in the extraction and use of biomass.

This is the third call within Bio+, and we welcome project proposals for research and innovation projects that contribute to one or more of the following areas: 

  1. Biomass and bio-based solutions
  2. Sustainability, social perspective and system analysis

Who can apply?

All actors who have relevant project proposals can apply. Deadline for applications is May 24 2022.

Decisions on which projects are granted support will be made no earlier than October 2022. The project can start no earlier than 1 November 2022.

Read more in the full text of the call under “Read this before you apply”.

About the Bio+ programme

The Swedish Energy Agency wants to use the Bio+ research and innovation programme to develop sustainable bio-based solutions and value chains, and to increase knowledge and competence about how these should interact with each other, the energy system and society.

Read more about Bio+ on the Swedish Energy Agency’s website (in Swedish) and on the Bioplus portal.

Open information and Q&A session about the call via TEAMS

Are you planning an application and would like to ask questions about content and procedure? Would you like to listen to information and other people’s questions as one step in the production of your application? If so, you are welcome to participate. The meeting will be held in Swedish.

  • Friday April 22 2022, 14:00–14:50.

Click here to join the meeting There is no need to register. Simply connect directly by clicking on the above link to the meeting.


We provide support until 16.00 of the day when the call closes.