Adding new representatives to existing accounts

To add a new representative to an existing account in the Union Registry, you will need to submit an application. The representative also needs to register on the website of the Union Registry.

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The application must contain the following:

  • Application form
  • Required documentation for the new account representative
    o ID
    o Power of attorney
    o Criminal record
  • User application in EU Login and on the Union Registry website

At least two representatives on the account

The number of representatives on an account must always be at least two and the information about these representatives must always be kept up to date, correct and true. The responsibility for the representatives having access to the account holder's accounts lies with the account holder.

If the requirement for at least two representatives is not met, or if the account holder does not inform the Swedish Energy Agency of important changes regarding a representative or the account holder, this can lead to all access to the account being blocked.

General requirements regarding documentation

All copies of documents attached to the application must be certified by a notary public. It is required to verify the authenticity of the document. In the case of documents issued outside of Sweden, the copy must be legalised or confirmed by apostille.

The date of issue of a certificate or legalisation must not be more than three months before the date on which the application is received by the Swedish Energy Agency. Contact details for the notary public or other entity must be attached to the documentation.

Documents that are in original do not need to be certified.


The documents submitted to the Swedish Energy Agency shall be in Swedish or English. If the original document is in another language, a legalised copy must be submitted together with an authorised translation.