User help

The Swedish Energy Agency administers the Swedish part of the Union Registry and therefore offers support to all account holders and account representatives with accounts therein. You can also turn to the European Commissions’ help page for the Union Registry, where you will find, among other information, the official user manual and instructional videos.

Guides to common processes in the Union Registry

In the following guides, the most common processes in the Union Registry are described step-by-step.

Guide to creation of users in the Union Registry

Guide to updating e-mail addresses in EU Login and the Union Registry

Guide to administering authorised representatives on existing accounts

Guide to completing tasks and transactions

Guide to appointing a verifier and entering annual emissions

Guide to surrendering allowances

Guide to verifying compliance

The user manual and instructional videos

The user manual is available in most EU languages. If you have permission to access the Union Registry, you can download the manual via the Help feature in the registry. On the help page you will also find instructional videos for various processes in the registry. The videos are only available in English.

The European Commissions’ help page