How to find information about emissions trading

Information and news about emissions trading and the Union Registry is disseminated through several channels. Which channel is used for the specific information depends on the type of information, the target audience and the urgency of disseminating the information. Here we try to explain what information is available and how you can obtain it.


Swedish Energy Agency's website

Under News you will find news about emissions trading. For example, information on new legislation or the specific holiday dates for the coming years. The information is also reachable from

News from the Swedish Energy Agency (In Swedish)


Union Registry website

Here you will find current information about planned and unplanned downtime.

Union Registry website

+ is a website operated jointly by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The site is an emissions trading portal that points to the respective authority's website. On the homepage there is a flow of current information from the authorities. (In Swedish)


European Commission website

The European Commission's Emissions Trading website brings together a wealth of information about news, legislation, reports, statistics, and other issues related to emissions trading.

The European Commission's Emissions Trading website


Swedish Environmental Protection Agency website

Naturvårdsverket's (Swedish EPA) website contains important information primarily for you as an operator or aircraft operator.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency website (In Swedish)


Email & SMS

E-mail is used to spread important information to different target groups in the Swedish part of the Union Registry. It is therefore important that the e-mail addresses registered for the representatives of the Union Registry are correct.

We often use a bulk mail tool which means that e-mails will be sent from the "idrelay" e-mail domain. This type of mailing can sometimes get caught in the recipient's spam folder, which in that case must be handled by you as a recipient.

For mailing to smaller audiences, we sometimes use regular e-mail messages from the address


SMS is used only by the Union Registry to send one-time passwords for login. The Sender telephone number (if you are not a resident in Belgium) should always be +32460213827.