Approximately 750 Swedish installations in industry and energy production as well as approximately 20 aircraft operators are covered by the EU directive on emissions trading. There are several requirements during the reporting period, which starts on 1 January and ends on 30 April each year.

Submit a verified emissions report to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

By 31 March each year, the operator / aircraft operator must report the emissions for the previous year in the form of an emissions report that must be verified by an accredited verifier. The report must be submitted to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency - EU ETS Reporting Tool (In Swedish)

If the emission report arrives late or is not received at all, the operator / aircraft operator will be subject to a fee of SEK 50,000. The same applies if the report has not been verified by an accredited verifier by 31 March.

Registering emissions in the Union Registry

The operator / aircraft operator must enter the annual emissions in the Union Registry by 31 March each year. If a verified annual emission is not registered, outgoing transfers will be blocked on 1 April. The account will then receive the status "Blocked". The block is lifted as soon as the submitted emissions are verified.

To be able to enter emissions, a verifier must first be associated with the account. If you have replaced the verifier since last reporting, you must also make sure the account is associated to correct verifier before entering the emission figure. If you do not do this, the task of approval goes to the previous verifier company the entered emission must be rejected before you can select the correct verifier.

If the operator / aircraft operator have annual emissions which cannot be verified, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency will decide the emissions of the reporting year. The account will then be in the status "blocked" until a verified emission is has been registered in the Union Registry. The Swedish Energy Agency will enter the emissions after the emissions have been decided by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Note that aircraft operators need to enter both EU and Swiss emissions. If no Swiss emissions have occurred, 0 Swiss emissions must be entered.

Surrendering allowances in the Union Registry

The operator / aircraft operator must surrender allowances corresponding to the verified emissions of the previous year by 30 April each year. If the verified emission figure from the previous year is zero, there is no need to surrender allowances. Surrender transactions are carried out immediately.

Failure to comply with the surrender requirement carries a penalty of 100 EUR for each tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emitted. This does not release the operator from the obligation to surrender allowances equal to the emission figures.

About delays

If the emission figures have been decided by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the surrender must still be carried out. Any surplus of surrendered allowances will carry over to next year’s compliance period.

Please note that the surrender generally involves two account representatives. One representative who initiates the surrender and a second representatives who approves it via the Task list.

Verify your compliance status

After having surrendered emission allowances, you can verify that your surrender of the previous year's emissions is complete. Follow this guide to verify your compliance status.