A year in the EU ETS

Here you can find important dates during a year in the Europan emission trading scheme/EU ETS.

A year in the EU ETS.png

Dates of importance

28 February – Deadline for the Swedish Energy Agency to allocate allowances to operators and aircraft operators for the current year.

31 March –Deadline for operators and aircraft operators to deliver the verified emissions report to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Also deadline for verifiers to verify emissions entered in the Union registry.

1 April – All accounts where the emissions haven’t been verified will be unable to carry out transactions. Emission data for the EU ETS is published by the European Commission.

The European Comission's website

30 April – Deadline for operators and aircraft operators to surrender an amount of allowances corresponding to their emissions.

2 May – The European Commission publishes compliance information for all installations and aircraft operators in the EU ETS.

30 November – The Swedish Energy Agency will send e-mails to all account representatives and account holders who are covered by this year's audit of documentation. The Swedish Energy Agency examines and checks whether the information provided in the account application is still complete, accurate and true. The audit is carried out in accordance with the Registry regulation. You can read more about the audit:

Audit of account information

31 December – All account holders must confirm to their national administrator that all data associated with the accounts is still complete, accurate and true. If the information is correct, it is confirmed by the fact that you as a representative do not need to do anything more. Should the information not be correct, we ask you to start the work of correcting what is wrong, needs to be updated or is missing. You can read more here:

Verification of personal data

31 December – The annual fee must be paid in advance to the Swedish Energy Agency. Trading accounts and person holding accounts under the Kyoto Protocol are subject to opening and annual fees.