Account applications

Applying for and opening accounts in the Union Registry is a multi-step process and is performed through different channels. Here and on the associated subpages, you will find information on how to apply the different account types.

An account holder is the owner of an account in the registry. On each account, the account holder shall nominate at least two authorised representatives who then represent the account holder in the registry. The representatives are those who have actual access to the account and can carry out transfers or enter emissions.


The application process

An application must be submitted by you to the Swedish Energy Agency in paper form together with the required documentation. At the same time, you must apply for an account on the Union Registry website. When we have received the documentation and application, we start our processing of the application. We will notify you when the application is approved or if further information or documentation is required.



The opening of trading accounts in the EU ETS and person holding accounts in the Swedish Registry under the Kyoto protocol are subject to fees.

Application fee: SEK 3 600 (no VAT)
Annual fee: SEK 2000 (no VAT)

The application fee must be paid no later than 14 days after the application for opening an account has been received by the Swedish Energy Agency. The annual fee shall be paid in advance to the Energy Agency no later than 31 December of each year.


Which account type should you choose?

You can read more about account types in the registry before moving on. On this page you can click on the account type you want to apply for, and you'll be transported to the process of applying for that particular account type.

Account types


Adding new representatives to existing accounts

For you as account holder, it is important that information about the representatives representing you is always kept up to date, accurate and true. The responsibility that representatives can access the accounts lies with you as the account holder. If the requirement of at least two representatives on each account is not met, or if the account holder does not inform the Swedish Energy Agency about any significant changes regarding the representatives or the account holder, this may result in the blocking of all access to the account.

A description of the process that you must follow to add a new representative


Removing representatives

The representative's system privileges to represent the account holder are not automatically revoked when a representative ceases to actively represent an account. It remains active until the account holder chooses to revoke the privilege. For security reasons, therefore, the privileges for all representatives who will no longer represent an account holder should always be revoked as soon as possible.

The representatives can themselves remove their own and other representatives’ access on accounts. However, access to the registry remains available together with any power of attorney provided to the Swedish Energy Agency. These should be revoked if no longer necessary.

Contact the Swedish Energy Agency for more information on the removal of representatives.