Verification of personal data

According to article 22.1 of the Registry regulation, all account holders shall confirm to the national administrator by 31 December each year that their account information remains complete, up-to-date, accurate and true.

The Swedish Energy Agency, in its role as National Administrator according to the Registry Regulation, requests that you certify the accuracy of your registered account information. Please check that all the information you have in the registry according to the list below is correct.

If the information is correct, it is confirmed by silent agreement, and you do not need to do anything more.


If any of the account holder information or personal information is incorrect, it must be corrected in the Union Registry.

If the information is not updated before 31 December, your access to the account may be blocked until all information is updated.

The following information should be checked in the Union registry:


1. Details of the account holder and the account

The information is available and can be changed in the Union Registry under the tab 'Account Main' after selecting "View account details" for the account of choice from your list of accounts. Authorised representatives can edit information on the account.


2. Account representative contact details

The information is available and can be changed in the Union Registry under the tab 'Authorised Representatives'. Update the information as needed.


3. The user’s data

The personal details of a user can be edited through the link "Edit your personal details" at the top left in the Union registry. The information is independent from any information stored as account representative contact details.


4. Correct representatives on all accounts

The number of active account representatives must always be at least two. If an account has a registered representative who no longer should have access to an account, he/she should be removed. This can be done through the Remove-button under the tab 'Authorised Representatives' (See the chapter Manage Account Representatives in EU ETS Registry system - User Guide).

Representatives who no longer remain in the organisation should have any power of attorney revoked at the Swedish Energy Agency. Contact us via the e-mail address below if this is the case.