There are controlled time delays for certain actions in the Union Registry that you as an account holder or account representative should be aware of. The delays are in place to increase the security of the registry.

Time delays and public holidays affect:

  • how long it takes to complete a transfer to another account;
  • how long it takes to add an account to the Trusted account list.

Transaction delays inside the Trusted account list

All transfers to accounts included in Trusted account list are carried out immediately if they are proposed between 10.00 and 16.00 CET on working days. Transfers proposed after 16.00 CET will be completed on the following working day at 10.00 CET.

Transaction delays outside the Trusted account list

All transfers to accounts not included in the Trusted account list, which are proposed before 12.00 CET on a working day are completed at 12.00 CET the following working day.

Transactions proposed after 12.00 CET on a working day will be completed at 12.00 CET on the second day after the day of proposal.

It is possible to cancel a transfer to an account not included in the Trusted account list up to 2 hours before the transfer is completed.

Adding accounts to the Trusted account list

A registration of an account in the Trusted account list automatically includes a four-day delay before the account is approved and added to the list in the Union Registry. For person holding accounts under the Kyoto Protocol the delay is seven working days. It is by no means possible to bypass the delay that exists to protect the account.

All accounts belonging to the same account holder will automatically be added to the Trusted Account list.

The Trusted account list

Person holding accounts under the Kyoto protocol

All transfers from a person holding account under the Kyoto Protocol have 26 hours delay in delivery time. The transfer can only be carried out to accounts that are registered in the Trusted account list. There is a delay of seven working days to have an account trusted after registration and approval by a second representative.

Processing time

An application for an account in the Union Registry shall be handled by the Swedish Energy Agency within twenty working days from receiving full application. However, it usually happens much faster than that.

If the application is rejected or if not complete, you will be notified. If we need extra time to review your application, an additional 20 days of processing time may be used. If so, we will notify you.

Weekends and holidays

The Union Registry is closed for transfers on Saturdays and Sundays. During public holidays (according to Swedish Act 1989: 253), the Swedish part of the registry is closed for transfers, which extends any delays by one working day. The current dates for this year are listed below.

If the recipient account of a transfer is administered by another Member State and there are other public holidays registered in that part of the registry, this may affect the time at which the units are delivered to the account.

Nyårsdagen (New Year’s Day)
Trettondedag jul (Epiphany)
Långfredagen (Good Friday)
Påskdagen (Easter Sunday)
Annandag påsk (Easter Monday)
Första maj (International Worker’s Day)
Kristi himmelfärdsdag (Ascension Day)
Pingstdagen (Pentecost Sunday)
Sveriges nationaldag (National Day)
Midsommardagen (Midsummer’s Day)
Alla helgons dag (All Saint’s Day)
Juldagen (Christmas Day)
Annandag jul (Boxing Day)