Online application

In addition to documentation, an application for the account including registering the representatives must also be made on the Union Registry website.

The manual and the movie clips mentioned below are available through the help function in the upper right when logged in to the registry. If there are no representatives with access to the help function, please contact us via

The Union Registry website can be found here.

1. Registering the representative as a user in the registry:

If you already have access to the Union registry, you can skip 1 and go to 2.

Follow the instructions in section 1 of the manual or the video clip FIRST TIME USER for more help on how to apply for a user account in the registry. Note that all representatives who are to be registered must themselves complete an application in the registry.

When the application in the registry has been made, a so-called URID is being created. URID is the Union Registry ID number and is displayed on screen when you registered. It is always visible to the left in the user interface when you are logged in to the registry (e.g. SE123456789).

URIDs for all representatives are required when applying for an account in the following step.

2. Account application

When all representatives who is to be registered for the account have their URIDs, an application for the account can be made in the Union Registry. Please note that only one representative must apply for the account, but URIDs for all representatives (at least 2) are required to connect those users to the account. The process is described in section 2 of the manual and in the video clip REQUEST AN ACCOUNT OPENING.

Authorised Representatives and Additional Authorised Representatives

Authorised Representative (AR) is the default role in all accounts in the registry. These can initiate transfers, enter emissions and carry out surrender transfers. Additional authorised representatives (AAR) are authorised only to approve the transfers proposed by the regular authorised representatives.

At least one additional authorised representative is required to transfer units if you do not use trusted accounts from a trading account. For transfers to trusted accounts, no approval of an additional authorized representative is required.

NOTE! If an additional authorised representative is assigned to an account, all transfers, including those to trusted accounts, must be approved by the additional representative.

3. Confirmation of the application

Once the application is approved, an enrolment key will be sent to you through a registered letter. The key is required to activate your access, see section 1 of the manual.