Account holder

Together with the application form, you must provide documentation which enables the Swedish Energy Agency to secure identity and, if necessary, make background checks on the account holder.

The following documentation must be attached to the application form when you apply for a person holding account under the Kyoto Protocol:

  • Evidence of the account holder's identity
  • Evidence of address of permanent residence for the account holder
  • Evidence of open bank account for the account holder
  • Annual report
  • Extract from the criminal record for the company’s signatories

Below is a description of each required item and what should be attached to the application.

According to the Registry regulation, the Swedish Energy Agency can also request an extract from the criminal record regarding the beneficial owners.

The difference between a natural and a legal person

To understand the requirements that apply to your application, it might be good to understand the difference between a natural and legal person.

Natural person is a legal term for a person or individual in the true sense, a human being, as opposed to a legal person which may, for example, consist of a company, an association or a natural person's estate.