Energy Security Strategies – Regional Perspectives on Dependence and Interdependence

Datum: 2011-02-16


  • Ambassador Ingolf Kiesow, Chairman and speaker
  • Jean-Arnold Vinois, European Commission
  • Zhao Hongtu, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations

The availability and distribution of energy resources differs, and the global, and regional, competition for them is picking up speed. China, one of the countries with very high growth rate, was the second largest net oil importer behind the United States in 2009. The European Union is another region which is heavily dependent on import. In 2008, about 54 percent of EU's internal energy consumption was imported (EU27).

The Network Oil and Gas invited representatives from China and the EU to provide their views on import versus export and the motives behind the chosen strategies to secure future energy needs.

The seminar topics were the following:

  • The current energy situation in the region and the extraction of energy raw materials
  • The regional strategies on energy security; e.g. the future of alternative resources 
  • The driving forces for securing energy resources outside the regions' borders and the effect on international relations