Shifts in US energy markets and policies

Domestic and international consequences.

Date: Thursday 24th of September
Time: 1 pm – 4 pm
Venue: Bryggarsalen "Brygghuset", Norrtullsgatan 12 N, Stockholm.

Over the past few years oil and gas production in the US has undergone a spectacular development. Due to an increased domestic production, the US is less dependent on imports, with substantial consequences for global energy markets and trade patterns. The supply boom also affects the domestic consumption patterns and the competition between the different kinds of fossil energy, nuclear and renewables, in transportation and electricity generation.

At the seminar we examined the trends in energy supply and demand in the US and the effects on international markets. Furhter, we analyzed the consequences of the price fluctuations on oil and gas, in the short and medium term.

An important objective of the seminar was to shed light on how US energy policy may respond, e.g. regarding domestic exploration, transportation and the framework for exports of crude oil and LNG. Will environmental policies be affected? When the US approaches the coveted objective of "energy independence", will there be consequences for security policy as well? USA is approaching an election year; how may the political antagonism play out in energy policy.


Mikael Eriksson, Swedish Ambassador for International Energy Affairs.


  • Amrita Sen
    Amrita Sen is co-founder and Chief Oil Analyst at Energy Aspects, a London based independent research consultancy. She has previously been Chief Oil Analyst at Barclays Capital and is a Fellow of the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies. Amrita is frequently featured and contributes with comments in leading media, including the Financial Times, BBC News, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal. Download presentation here.
  • Richard Morningstar
    Richard Morningstar is an American diplomat, businessman and lawyer. He recently became founding Director of the new Global Energy Center at the Atlantic Council. He has served the Clinton and Obama administrations as Ambassador to the European Union, US special envoy for Eurasian energy and, until the summer of 2014, as US Ambassador to Azerbaijan. Previously he had a distinguished career in business and as a lawyer.