Russia’s Export Strategies for Oil and Gas

Russia's Export Strategies for Oil and Gas - How
will Russia navigate in a changed economic and political climate?

Date: Tuesday March 8th

Time: 3 PM – 4.30 PM (N.B. Coffee will be served from 2.30 PM)

Venue: Konferens Spårvagnshallarna, Birger Jarlsgatan 57 A, Stockholm (N.B. new venue)

The seminar is free of charge and will be held in English



Dr James Henderson

Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, BP Professor of Energy at the Skolkovo Management School, Moscow

Dr Tatiana Mitrova

Head of Oil and Gas Department in the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Dr Gudrun Persson

Deputy Head of Research, Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI)


Russia's energy-depending economy has been hard hit by lower oil and gas prices, coupled with an increasing fight for market shares, and is in deep recession. The sanctions that followed the annexation of Crimea have put an additional brake on Russia's economic development. Russia's political isolation from the West may be toned down as international efforts to bring an end to the war in Syria are revitalized, although the tension with Turkey has increased.

At our seminar, renowned international experts will outline the challenges that Russian oil and gas exports face in the present economic and political environment, and the strategic choices that Russia and Russian companies will have to make. They will also highlight how European energy policy may affect Russia's gas export strategies. Some of the questions that our seminar will shed light on are:

  • How are investments in new production and transportation capacity for oil and gas affected by low prices and international sanctions? What are the consequences for Russian oil and gas exports?

  • Are there any possibilities that Russia may change tack and cooperate with OPEC and Saudi Arabia to curtail the oversupply in the oil market?

  • What is Russia's strategy for dealing with oil and LNG competition in Europe? Will Russian companies attempt to secure market share for gas through price competition with other imports to Europe?

  • How is the European gas pipeline strategy evolving with regards to Nord Stream II, Turk Stream and Ukraine? Will there be a market for doubling the gas transportation capacity in the Baltic Sea?

  • Will Russia achieve east/west export balance and flexibility through exports to China?