• What temperature do you want indoors? You could perhaps lower it by a degree or two without feeling cold.
  • Do you have rooms that are seldom used? If so, lower the temperature in them a little more.
  • Before going away for a longer time, lower the indoor temperature to around 15 degrees C.
  • Change the thermostats after 10 - 15 years or as soon as they no longer work well.
  • Keep the doors to cold areas shut, such as those to the attic or veranda.
  • Insulate the house better, such as in the attic. Around 15 percent of the heat is lost through the roof.
  • Seal draughty windows and outside doors.
  • Draw the curtains or close the Venetian blinds at night. You will then keep the heat in the room.
  • Don’t place furniture close to the radiator. The heat will otherwise find it difficult to reach the rest of the room.